Want to be in the Mummer’s Parade?

Become a Mummer FlyerNerd Island, an artist collective, is a ‘social networking’ Mummer Brigade (Part of the Murray Comic Club).  They exist mostly online, but they have a clubhouse of sorts in a warehouse on Hope Street.  Aryon Hoselton (a Sculpture Derby participant) of Nerd Island has reached out to us to let all yinz know the he would love for you to join his brigade of comics.

Aryon and the rest of the Nerd Island Brigade have decided that they will power their entire part of this year’s parade using only human energy, no fossil fuels.  Between that and generally thinking that the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby involves some of the coolest people in all the world, Nerd Island has decided to invite KKSD folks to be a part of Nerd Island during the 2011 Mummer’s Parade.

So please, take a look at the Nerd Island webpage, and contact Aryon if your interested in participating in this amazing living embodiment of Philadelphia’s unique cultural heritage.

Oh, and by the way Aryon will be conducting Affordable website workshops (flyer below) to help people learn the basics of setting up and maintaining a website in this crazy world where if your not online, you don’t exist.  His workshop will cost $100, which will be split between relief for Haiti, and the Nerd Island Mummer Brigade.

Affordable Website Workshops

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