Little Berlin’s Fairgrounds Project

Little Berlin’s recently developed project known as “The Fairgrounds” has had two major additions.  House, “…a memorial sculpture that spawned from using reclaimed wood from homes and construction areas as a reminder of the current housing crisis…” by Jaime Alvarez and Vale Bruck, was installed for the July First Friday. After this installation was complete, Sol Food Mobile Farm built a community garden with the help of Little Berlin and some local kids.  These efforts are known as The Fairgrounds Project which is making fast progress toward turning this lot into a pleasant public space.

Little Berlins Fairgrounds Project

Sol Food Mobile Farm, a non-profit located in Durham, North Carolina, visited the Fairgrounds and planted raised garden beds, installed a bench, and even created soccer goals for the kids to enjoy. Their focus is on issues of environmental sustainability and community development. Their mission starts with advocating for local foods and renewable energy sources. To address such large topics they offer both expos and workshops to children and young adults from their retro-fitted school bus classroom. Their program directives can be divided into five major categories – Gardening, composting, alternative energies, nutrition and outdoor living.
In just four days, the group installed this garden, complete with rain barrels. For more information, or to make donations, please visit the Fairground’s Tumblr: or like Little Berlin on Facebook.
Little Berlin member Angela McQuillan has been overseeing this project. If  you come out and walk through the neighborhood’s new garden- you are likely to see Mcquillan fully dressed for work, devotedly watering the plants on her lunchbreak!