River Wards Community Mixtape!

The River Wards Sound Collective, a musician and music entrepreneur cooperative housed by NKCDC, is seeking submissions for songs and cover art as an upcoming community mixtape project! We’re asking for entries of one song or piece of artwork sent to RiverWardsSoundCollective@gmail.com. Submissions are due by midnight on April 17th! Any and all genres are encouraged to submit a track; we would love to showcase a diversity of music from the area! Please read the specific guidelines listed below:

  1. We ask that you submit your tracks as high quality .WAV files.
  2. Please limit your songs to 4 minutes or under. We want to fit as many songs on the CD as we can!
  3. Cover art submissions must be 4.75” x 4.75” PDF files with 1/8” bleed and 1/8” safety.
  4. Songs and art will not be accepted without an accompanying application form! The application form is posted below and can simply be pasted in the body of the submission email.
  5. The goal of the mixtape is to highlight the diverse musical talents in the neighborhood. We aim to sell the mix CD at various outdoor events throughout the summer including the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby, First Friday pop-up events, and open mics throughout the neighborhood. 100% of the proceeds will go back into the Sound Collective in order to enable further projects down the line.
  6. Preference will be given to artists who live and/or work in a River Wards neighborhood. River Wards neighborhoods include Fishtown, East Kensington, Olde Richmond, Port Richmond, Kensington and Bridesburg.
  7. There are other ways to participate in the mixtape! There are options for promotion, mixing and mastering, cd printing, vending, and videography. If you are interested in any of these aspects, please fill out and email an application!

***The application below must be completed and copied into the email body for any art or song submissions!***


River Wards Sound Collective Community Mixtape Application:

What are you submitting?   (  ) Song      (  ) Cover art

Name of person submitting:

Phone number:

Name of artist/ group (if different from submitter):

Song/ art title:

Connection to the River Wards:     (  ) Resident        (  ) Work in area        (  ) Frequent Visitor       (  ) None

Do you live in Philadelphia?  (  )  Yes     (  ) No

Would you like to participate in the community mixtape other than submitting art? Areas include: (  ) Marketing & promotion     (  ) Vending     (  ) Videography     (  ) Mixing & mastering    (  ) CD duplication & printing

**Tracks are due to RiverWardsSoundCollective@gmail.com by midnight on April 17th.**


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