Park(ing) Day in 19125

A remporary park at Frankford and Girard outside of Johnny Brenda's

A temporary park at Frankford and Girard outside of Johnny Brenda’s

A remporary park at Frankford and Girard outside of Johnny Brenda's

A temporary park at Frankford and Girard outside of Johnny Brenda’s

NKCDC hosted it’s first Park(ing) Day on September 16th.  Invented by the art collective Rebar of San Francisco, National Park(ing) Day encourages people to feed the meter all day on a well located space and create a temporary oasis over what was a hot and dirty place for a hot and dirty machine. The purpose behind NKCDC’s space was to encourage alternative transportation and bring awareness to NKCDC’s Walk, Bike, Ride initiative. The Walk, Bike, Ride initiative promotes arriving to destinations without a car to decrease the amount of parking needed, increase individual health and reduce the harmful exhaust created by motorized vehicles.

Creating temporary parks is a lot of fun, but it also serves to help everyone who sees it think outside the box as to how we use our precious urban space.  Just because we’ve done it a certain way for a hundred years, doesn’t mean we can’t try something new, right?

Neighbors and friends stopped by throughout the day for coffee and snacks, a DIY bike tool station, and a nice place to sit outside Johnny Brenda’s. Our temporary park served as an outside space to enjoy, but it also attracted questions about what we were doing and why. What better way to talk about biking, public transit, urban space and our carbon footprints than to invite others to sit on a park bench and chat with us?

This Park(ing) Day event was possible only with the generous support of Greensgrow Farms, who lent us their beautiful plants, and Johnny Brenda’s, who provided tables, coffee, and coffee cake. Additionally, the Bicycle Stable lent us some bike tools so passers by could patch a flat or tighten they’re seat post.  And of course, thanks to Neighborhood Bike Works who provided bike racks for park visitors. Thanks Everyone!


Frankford Ave Arts is an initiative of NKCDC specializing in art-focused community and economic revival of the Frankford Ave corridor and surrounding area.

2 thoughts on “Park(ing) Day in 19125

  • grammar police
    A lot is two words. Also, while I'm sure many bikers and pedestrians enjoyed this park, the local residents don't need another excuse to get up in arms about the lack of parking in the area.
    • admin
      I agree, the last thing we want to do is get people riled up. That is why we chose to do this on a corner that is highly visible, but isn't adjacent to any residences. We also sought and received the blessing of the adjacent business, Johnny Brenda's. The point of this display was not to remove spaces for car parking, but rather to encourage people to think 'outside the box' about how our public spaces can be used. We don't need to stick to old conventions if we can come up with better ideas, and by encouraging everyone to open up their minds about public spaces can be used, we might just help spark the next great urban planning idea in someone.

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