Our Neighbor: Walking Fish Theatre!

Walking Fish Theatre continues to bring together artistsĀ  and community. Presented by B. Someday Productions and Hella Fresh Theatre, Fresh Fish 3.0 is a short play fest featuring eight one-act plays. The fest will take place October 5-23 featuring these short plays:

Porn for Women by Kristen Scatton, directed by Michelle Pauls

Crummy by John Culver, directed by Steven Wright

The Myth of Syphillis by Seth Simons, directed by Heather Cole

The Joke by Miyoko Conley, directed by Jody Gross

Rental Company by Mark Cornell, directed by Stan Heleva

A Door or Not a Door by Robin Rodriguez, directed by Madi DiStefano

Flushed by Alex Broun, directed by Steven Wright

Karmen Line by Seth Simons, directed by Stan Heleva


Each performance includes all eight plays and is $20 per seat with a “pay what you wish” preview being held October 5th and 6th from 6-7pm.


October 7th is the official opening night starting at 8pm with reception being held after.

Following that, Wednesday and Thursday will start at 7pm, Friday and Saturday will start at 8pm, and Sunday at 4:30pm. Every Wednesday is “pay what you wish”. No Sunday show October 9th.


For more info please visit: the Walking Fish Theatre website.

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