July 4th Weekend Round Up

For those of you not going down the shore this weekend, celebrate the 4th in Fishtown.  Avoid the Center City chaos and check out this round up of art openings and celebrations!

LMNL Gallery
1526 Frankford Ave

LMNL Gallery Hosts Phantom Hand and Field Notes for Small Talk

For July, LMNL Gallery is handing over the keys to Phantom Hand, a loose collective of Philadelphia’s best young illustrators. Small Talk, curated by Phantom Hand and sponsored by Field Notes, is something special for the voyeurs and people-watchers out there. It also will be LMNL Gallery’s first group show.

Small Talk is an exploration of the awkward, forced, occasionally drunk, seemingly meaningless and yet necessary interactions we have with strangers every day. Participating artists were asked to go out into the world – whatever bars, coffee shops, buses or dark alleys they may haunt – and sketch from life, maybe even eavesdrop and jot down snippets of conversation. Each artist has been supplied with an identical Field Notes brand memo-book to work in, and their preliminary work will be included in the show in addition to the finished pieces, unifying the show and giving a glimpse of the artists’ studies.

Small Talk will feature work by Miguel Co, Kate Collins, Philip Dahl, Eamon Dougherty, Tim Durning, Kate Eagle, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Kate Glasheen, Kirsten Harper, Sam Heimer, Carol P. Jarvis, Edward Kelley, Robb Leef, Julianna Lose, Alex Rivera, and Mike Sgier.

Phantom Hand was an artist-run gallery space, now a free-floating artist unit, created by a small group of Philadelphia illustrators. The group pulls from the wide variety of local art institutions, societies, clans, brotherhoods, and esoteric orders.

LMNL Gallery is a contemporary art gallery on Frankford Avenue in Fishtown, in the entrance to the offices of Bluecadet, an Emmy Award-winning digital agency that creates world-class websites, mobile apps, interactive installations, and immersive environments. Led by Bluecadet founder Josh Goldblum, gallery director Thomas Buildmore and curator RJ Rushmore, LMNL Gallery exhibits artists who are expanding the horizons of contemporary art in sculpture, photography, painting, drawing, and new media.

Small Talk opens at LMNL Gallery on Friday, July 3rd, from 6-9pm. The exhibition will remain on view through July 31st by appointment. LMNL Gallery is located at 1526 Frankford Ave in Philadelphia, PA.


Liberty Vintage
2212 Sepviva St
A celebration with bands, babes, & beer. 8-12PM July 3rd

The First Banana
2152 E Dauphin St

Independent Art : July First Friday Featuring Dave Glass + Kate Collins + Tim O’Halon + Roy Hames + Michael Wohlberg

Featured works from
*Michael Wohlberg
* Kate Collins
* Dave Glass Riddick
* Tim O’Hanlon
@LOWLVL instagram
* Roy Hames

Beer provided by Pabst Blue Ribbon
And more!

Little Berlin
2430 Coral St

Little Berlin has not 1, not 2, but 3 awesome events happening this holiday weekend!

Last chance to see OUROBOROS! Join us for a closing reception on July 3rd, 2015


Little Berlin presents “Ouroboros” an exhibition of artwork from Daniel Pillis (Pittsburgh), Nancy Black (Philadelphia), John Dingler (Riverside, California), and Justin Duerr (Philadelphia). The artists featured in “Ouroboros”, create their work in self-referential, cyclical manners.

Through a breadth of techniques, these artists are compelled to express their personal visions, inner dialogues, theories, and reflections. The artworks in this show were selected because of their defiance of classification or objectives commonly held by academia or the art market. At the same time, the artists do not work in a vacuum. Some have earned MFAs; others have sold works fetching 5-figure price tags. They are exposed to the same cultural experiences as the rest of of us, though they have chosen to delve deeply into artistic creation to explore and comment on the wider world.

The work does not seek to fulfill the strict requirements of an academic thesis, nor does it make attempts at being marketable for prospective buyers. It does not necessarily set out to comment on contemporary social trends, nor does it try to emulate an aesthetic movement. It is artwork created of self-motivation, though not inherently selfish. These are deeply personal visions pursued for deeply personal reasons.

Each work is a unique manifestation of the endless possibilities that can be explored from the depths of the mind. It comes from a place that exists within all of us, where our identities are formed through self-written narratives; thought loops, drawing on memories and dreams; questions and conclusions; decisions and occurrences; theories and observations. Through looking inward, these artists shed light on the basic elements that we all share in being human.

Daniel Pillis, most recently based in Pittsburgh pursuing an MFA at Carnegie Mellon, invites us to step into the sentimental arrangement of his Grandmother’s household items. Formerly sourced from her New Jersey home, this collection was transformed into an immersive living art exhibit at the Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh household where Mr. Pillis formerly resided. Now moving to a new stage, the installation has found a temporary home at Little Berlin.

Nancy Black, based in Philadelphia, partakes in a lighthearted conversation with herself, where she bounces from amusing notions, to symbolic imagery. Her work is sometimes reminiscent of schoolyard inside jokes, and other times evocative of her yet to be revealed realities.

John Dingler, born in Italy, is a multi-disciplinary artist working in sculpture, painting, installation and video. He is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine. His video collage work, which he calls “moviettes” serve as both art pieces as well as documentation of his own and others’ politics.

Justin Duerr is a Philadelphia-based artist, musician and writer. He creates large scale illuminated manuscripts of a greater life cycle. He co-founded the Church of Devine Energy, an independent religion dedicated to self-awareness through creative expression. Duerr was also a member of the former Coalition Ingenu, a Philadelphia based agency that brokered exhibition opportunities for self taught artists.

Curated by Peter Erickson

Cumfort Food
ONE NIGHT ONLY in the Little Berlin Annex
July 3rd

Through her series of watercolors and illustrations titled “Cumfort Foods”, Laura Fabens-Lassen explores the sensuality, culture, and everyday routines revolving around food.

Alongside her pictures, Laura’s daily affirmations of her daily bread are recited through poems with a refreshing twist of positivity and empowerment. There’s no guilt in a slice of pizza, cupcakes, or cantaloupes.

Incite, Excite is a monthly evening of art and music. This is an event focused on featuring women (cis & trans), gender non binary and queer people.

July 5th presents:

Humbles Mumbles : a live podcast on Israel/Palestine and the creation of enemies and Others.

sadhana: dark sounds to gyrate to.

Marlena Carvalho: nightmares and ancient tales of hope and death.
Amy Jean: wordsmith.
+ video art & spontaneous extras.
++ bring your feminist wares to share.

July 5th 2015
Little Berlin, 2430 Coral St. Philadelphia
$3-5 donation (or whatever you can)

want to participate in the next Incite, Excite?
contact: karstenslauren@gmail.com

Happy Independence Day!