Introducing River Wards Sound Collective!

Taking a stroll through the menagerie of neighborhoods that make up the River Wards, it’s impossible to ignore the palpable presence of musicians, record stores, venues, and music related businesses.  NKCDC , through Frankford Avenue Arts, believes in harnessing our area’s artistic strengths in order to promote community development and growth. As such, NKCDC is excited to announce a new project being promoted under the tentative title, “River Wards Sound Collective.”

The mission of the collective is to create a group based on a cooperative model focused on sustainable creative placemaking in the River Wards. The group aims to meet at a consistent interval and involve musicians and music businesses across diverse genres and mediums. Goals of the collective include increasing music related tourism, activating spaces in the community, creating and participating in community events, and establishing a network for resources and support.

Currently, the collective is in its infancy stage. We are looking for musicians, music industry people, and music related businesses who are interested in joining. An ideal member is willing to engage with the community and is interested in using art as an invaluable tool for development. This is a great opportunity with multifaceted advantages including access to information pertaining to nontraditional funding sources, expertise with Licensing and Inspection regulations, zoning compliance assistance, access to free housing counseling, networking opportunities, creative collaboration, and free marketing and promotion as well as more defined incentives as the group develops. It is a chance to enact tangible change and spread creativity as a means of community engagement using arts and music, along with meeting and having fun with likeminded individuals!


To get involved, join our facebook group:

Feel free to reach out to Kelli Walsh with any questions at