Housing and Finances in the Creative Economy

Attention all artists, musicians, and creatives: Have you ever wondered about credit building? Or the first steps to becoming a home owner? Or wanted free pizza on a Monday night? NKCDC and Frankford Ave Arts is hosting a “Housing and Finances in the Creative Economy” workshop on Monday, February 26th! The workshop will be at NKCDC’s Coral Street Arts House. It will feature resources focusing on utilities assistance, information on how to build credit, first time home buying, proof of income, vendor loans from Entrepreneur Works, and the zero-waste initiative. NKCDC housing advisers will be on site for complementary one-on-one consultations. Join us over pizza and refreshments to learn about the resources available to you as a creator in Philadelphia!

Housing and Finances in the Creative Economy
Monday, Feb. 26th, 2018
Coral Street Arts House— 2446-2468 Coral St, Philadelphia, PA 19125

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