First Friday February

Find a sweetheart or keep a sweetheart, either way First Friday Kensington is the place to do it!  Make a new friend at a tango lesson or shop for the perfect gift for your special someone.   Here’s a round-up:

Craft Foundry
701 Belgrade St

new jewelry and organic skin care perfect for valentine’s day shopping

The Art Dept
1638 E Berks
La Ballon Rouge/Robots: New Work by Amanda Gallent and Peter Oravetz

MotherHeart Studio
530 E Girard
Candlelight Yoga with Live Music
must sign up, space is limited. sign up at

Xhale Lounge
453 E Girard
Enjoy a cigar – 18 and over only.

Keys to the Attic
314 E Girard
15% off 100% natural paint line and Americana candles!

312 E Girard
Vintage goods and antiques.  Sidewalk sale! Open until 9 PM

Johnny Brenda’s
1201 Frankford Ave
Happy Hour from 4-6 and half-price raw bar featuring local beer and oysters

Frankford Hall Beer Garden
1210 Frankford Ave
Enjoy a beer and delicious food in an open-air German style beer garden.

Fishtown Tavern
1301 Frankford Ave
ALWAYS $2 BEER. Kitchen open until 1 PM, 7 days a week. HAPPY HOUR 5-7PM, Monday-Friday.

Bottle Bar East
Sampling of Manayunk Brewery and Restaurant from 7-9pm.
Release Party ft Do Good Brewing Company @ 8pm
Live Jazz Music 7-10PM
DJ – 10PM

Adorn Boutique 
 1314 Frankford
Shop beautiful jewelry, clothing & accessories!

1331 Frankford Ave
6th Annual Heart Show

LMNL Gallery
1526 Frankford Ave

Sam Heimer, Why Are You Here?


Heimer goes to a lot of bars, to draw of course. In the right bar, you’ll find all sorts of characters. For Heimer, every bar in the city is a potential studio, every customer a potential subject. Why Are You Here? is a collection of the best of Heimer’s bar drawings, and an opportunity to make some yourself. Why Are You Here? includes of an interactive digital installation, dozens of drawings made in bars, and a selection of fully-realized ink-on-paper drawings based on bar drawings. At the opening reception, Heimer will be holding one of his drink-and-draw events, encouraging visitors to have a seat, observe the room, and sketch something out.

PSG Gallery at Philadelphia Sculpture Gym
1834 Frankford

Philadelphia Sculpture Gym Gallery presents Process: METAL III

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – January 16, 2015 – Coming this February, the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym Gallery will be exhibiting our third installment of Process: METAL. Metalworking is one of the core focuses of the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym and this exhibition will showcase metal sculpture in all of its forms. Seven artists chosen for their skills and varying techniques will present forging, casting, welding and fabrication processes within their works.  “The permanence and strength of metal are some of its most attractive characteristics. The process of using heat and force to shape such a solid material is elemental and rich with the opportunity for a spontaneous expression of ideas. ” says Nicholas Ireys, one of the exhibiting artists.

Subject matter ranges from natural elements to man-made constructs such as architecture and society, and artists address issues such as communication, emotion and movement in their work.

Artists include:

Marc Bauman

Antonio Calzada-Charma

Gustavo Actis

Ann Klicka and Andy Upright

Nicholas Ireys

Connie Alba Ambridge

The opening reception will be First Friday, February 6th from 6 – 9pm.  The exhibition runs from February 6th through 27th.

Rocket Cat Cafe
2001 Frankford Ave
Recent Works by Suzanne Francis

Philadelphia Argentine Tango School
2030 Frankford Ave
-8 pm – Free Beginner-Level Argentine Tango Class No partner needed!

2031 Frankford
Vintage | Jewels | Mid-Century Modern Furniture+Lighting | Found Objects |

Space 2033
2033 Frankford Ave

New Show! Art & music 6-10pm. Runs through Feb into first week of March.
Work by five artists:  Kimberlee Traub, Ruslan Khais, Vincent McLoughlin, R. Michael Walsh, Joseph Aurora.  Music by Poison Daggers with live set around 8pm.
Chair massage w/Tranquil Therapy 9-10pm $1/min.
Info on upcoming classes & workshops. 
Come hang in the spirit of Imbolc in the light of the waning gibbous moon!
Kimberlee Traub:  Exploring the spirit through imagination has become essential in the expressive lines of her pen & ink creations. Her current work in this show explores the theme of transformation and the power of positive change as we grow through life. 
Original drawings and prints.
Ruslan Khais:  The “painter of pretty pictures”, he refuses to add to a world already full of so much grief, misery, and ugliness.  His rich acrylic and oil paintings on canvas show his interest in color, form, gesture, and the physicality of paint.  Working predominantly in the genre of landscape, the search and exploration of boundary between representation and pure painted abstraction is his inspiration and driving source as an artist.,
Vincent McLoughlin:  His brightly colored geometric forms and abstract paintings, using repurposed materials and layers of acrylics, are very much alive.  They come out of painting itself, the bliss of hard work with hands-on research, learning-as-you go experimentation, and his connection to the history of art.  He investigates spatial metaphors, technical processes and in-coming information, while at the same time remaining dedicated to first person execution.
R. Michael Walsh:  Referred to as “a low-key cat who can paint his ass off,” he asks his viewers to dig deep into the meaning in his paintings.  The pieces in this show challenge the viewer with combating elements – the creature and the creation.  Balance and harmony counter a demanding imbalance.  An author through imagery, he weaves tales of forbidden ecstasies, wrestling with issues of morality and/or immorality, adolescent naiveté, and decay.
Joseph Aurora:  Original pen and ink drawings:  With an imagination least active when trying to think of what to actually draw,  he draws what he considers to be simple things like bears and trees, but in meticulous detail, a process he enjoys.  Original music:  Poison Daggers –  close encounters with the 3rd kind, dreamscapes and pulsing sounds elevate and open.

The Head & the Hand
2012 Sepviva St
First Friday @ H&H: Our Workshop will be open for book lending, beer drinking, space-heater hogging, and a Flash Fiction contest. Love to read? Write? Come hang out upstairs and talk shop with us!  6-8pm

The Head and The Hand Writers’ Workshop
2012 Sepviva St.
Artspace Liberti
2424 E York St
Join us on Friday, February 6 as we welcome artist Seth Remsnyder to Artspace Liberti with an opening reception from 6:00pm – 9:00pm.Seth’s work has been featured in various gallery shows in the greater DC area and was recently published in Studio Visit Magazine vol. 27. and we are so glad to have him and his work in Philadelphia for this show!From the artist:

“The paintings displayed in this exhibition are all recent and were made during one of the darkest times of my life, that is… now, or rather, “these days”. These works for me are essentially meditations on grief and depression and hope. They are specifically about trying to carry on with living in light of loss.

My hope is that the work is pleasant for you to see of course, but also that you will feel welcome to stand in front of it and just get lost in it. You don’t have to be an artist or a scholar or even understand my personal motivations to do that. That in so doing you will perhaps relieve some of the stress of life, decompress and unwind and wander the way that some of the paintings might wander.”

To view more of Seth’s work, visit his website at or find him on Facebook at Seth Remsnyder Art.

The Pickled Heron 
2218 Frankford
Photography by Elevated Linguistic.  French Inspired bistro. BYOB

The First Banana
2152 E Dauphin St

Come dressed to impress for this elegant night
A completely different art show and entertainment experience.Music by Sparklefight
Buddy Nestor
Hannah Taylor
Kat Gun
Leah Sabatelli
Steven Johnson Leyba
Donnie Green
Alyssa Mocerre
Es Jenx
Steve Cleff
Brigitte O’Dowd
Lana Gentry
Ivy Shortstack
Maria Teicher
Christine Morre


Buddy Nestor's photo.

City Sprouts                                               
2124 E Dakota
Neighborhood composting and sustainable maternity

2419 Frankford Ave

General Objects
Curated by Danny Floyd
Produced by Ballroom Projects, Chicago
Opening Reception, February 6th, 7-10pm
On view February 6 – March 1


Featuring works by:
Joseph Grigely
Kyle Nilan
Jeff Prokash
Betany Porter
Elliott Mickleburgh

Jameson Doody
Arièle Dionne-Krosnick & Didier Morelli
Joshua Demaree


General Objects concerns how the familiarity of image archetypes helps construct the narrative of daily life. The works in this exhibition channel recognizable objects through the often mysterious process material rearticulation, creating both space for serious contemplation and humorous formal puns. They also engage with an art historical ebb and flow of reductionist aesthetics, which in this case aim simultaneously towards a clarity of representation and an openness toward viewer interpretation. While reliant of the legacies of “Specific Objects,” Minimalism, and its antecedents, the artists deploy images and objects for the vary reason of images and objects for the vary reason of referring to concepts and stories outside of the work itself.


I have here before me a collection of objects so lacking in order that I can find no meaning in it; it would seem that here, deprived of any previous meaning, the form could not root its analogy in anything, and that myth is impossible. But what the form can always give one to read is disorder itself: it can give a signification to the absurd, make the absurd itself a myth.


– Roland Barthes




Atlantis the lost Bar
2442 Frankford
Jeffro Kilpatrick, James C Heimer, Rog (Dollar Store Novels), Sam Heimer and Justin Hallman (DJ) Present a drunken tribute to TOM WAITS in art and music. And booze. 

Little Berlin
2430 Coral St

Robot Fight Club Organized by The Hacktory

Robot Fight Club
Organized by The Hacktory



“a robot fight club imagined by David Lynch and Pee-wee Herman!”-CNET

HEBOCON is a robot contest for the technically ungifted. The first tournament was held in Tokyo in July 19, 2014.

Hebocon is a robot sumo-wrestling tournament for those who don’t have the technical skills to actually make robots. In the first battle, 31 pseudo-robots that don’t even move properly came together to go head to head. The robots in this tournament are nothing like what their builders initially imagined them to be. One robot was forgotten on the train. Any strategy made with careful planning only resulted in failure. Entrants who enter the ring brag about their robot’s secret moves that don’t really exist. This is the heated battle between crappy but lovable robots.

Join us at Little Berlin for Robot Fight Club. Throughout the night we’ll demonstrate examples of terrible robots and have lots of parts so you can build your own. Have any useful supplies like, motors, RC cars, wind-up spring cars, or rock-em-sock-em robots? Bring ‘em along. You can also register for our upcoming giant Hebocon Philadelphia (“Robot Contest For Dummies”) Competition to be held late February.

Cook and Shaker
2301 E Albert
First Friday Firkin by Neshaminy Creek Brewing (coconut mudbank milk stout conditioned with chocolate and caramel) and artwork by Keith Hatton