Do you disagree with your properties new assesed value?

If so you should know that first level appeals should be filed by Sunday March 31st.  Here is a brief synopsis from our friends at Mt Airy USA;


If you own a commercial property and would like to appeal your new proposed assessment, the deadline is March 31st to submit a First Level Review Request. These forms were included with your assessment notification in the mail. This is a special fast-tracked process, but if you miss the deadline you can go through the regular BRT appeals process through October.

If you submit a Request form, attach income and expense info and an explanation about why you think the assessment is wrong, along with any additional documentation. What does it cost to run the building? How much can you bring in in rent? Submit bills, repair costs and rent rolls. You can authorize a rep to speak for you in the form (you can do this on-line). There are 3 possible outcomes to an appeal: decreased value, no change, or increased value.

For more info about AVI You can check your proposed value at


Elizabeth Moselle”